Fit and 55+ is a program that was developed specifically for older adults to improve physical and mental fitness as well as introducing a different type of social interaction.

This program is unique in its own right and is designed to deliver a fun, informative, vastly motivating session in a non-intimidating environment.  Improved physical and psychological benefits are very common with my program, results have included increased energy levels, balance and coordination improvements as well as improved sleeping patterns.

and Results

These classes will improve Cardiovascular health and is designed to increase strength, better posture, balance and most importantly make day to day tasks easier.  

Participants can look forward to reducing stress and/or depression, increased muscle and bone strength, weight loss and maintenance.

  • Full Body workout (focusing on strength, endurance, flexibility)
  • Enhance Mental Fitness (Improve your sleep patterns, boost your self-confidence and improve your overall mood by reducing stress)
  • Setting and reaching your personal goals
  • Helping to make your day to day tasks easier


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