Fitness is so much more than exercise. It’s a positive change that affects every aspect of your life.


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    Fit HIIT

    Personal Fitness Defined

    Fit HIIT is a fast paced high-intensity interval training program that will cause you to lose the fat (not the muscle!). Each and every workout is different and the energizing music that’s thumping during these sessions will get you into the zone where you’re burning calories and toning up! By the time you’re done each challenging class, your body will certainly hate you – but your heart will absolutely love you! These classes will improve Cardiovascular health and is designed to boost metabolism, build extreme endurance and best of all burn lots of calories and fat in a short period of time.


    Participants can look forward to reducing stress and/or depression, increased muscle and bone strength, weight loss and maintenance and best of all being yelled at by me!


    • Helps build endurance
    • Burns calories and fat in a shorter period of time even after you leave the gym
    • Boosts metabolism 
    • Lose fat and not muscle
    • Good for heart health 
    • Challenging 


    Fit and 55+

    Fun. Friendly. Fitness.

    Fit and 55+ is a program I’ve developed specifically for older adults to improve physical and mental fitness as well as introducing a different type of social interaction.


    This program is unique in its own right and is designed to deliver a fun, informative, vastly motivating session in a non-intimidating environment. Members can look forward to a spacious, well-lit energetic studio with some fun music playing, as they begin safely learning a variety of exercises to make their day to day tasks much easier. Improved physical and psychological benefits are very common with my program, results have included increased energy levels, balance and coordination improvements as well as improved sleeping patterns.

    • Three Group Classes per Week
    • Full Body workout (focusing on strength, endurance, flexibility)
    • Enhance Mental Fitness  (Improve your sleep patterns, boost your self-confidence and improve your overall mood by reducing stress)
    • Opportunity for social interaction 
    • Setting and reaching your personal goals
    • Helping to make your day to day tasks easier 

    FITkidz Bootcamp

    ● Flexibility ● Endurance ● Coordination ● Balance ● Teamwork Skills ●

    Fun, high energy class for kids focusing on the overall health and fitness level of the child in a safe, motivating and positive environment.


    Regardless of your child’s fitness level, these classes will challenge your child by focusing on body weight exercises with age-appropriate equipment, cardio, circuits and more. By putting a positive emphasis on fitness at an early age, this helps create healthy adult living habits.


    Ages 9 -13

    Classes run weekly

    Participants must come with indoor only running shoes and water to each class.




    Personal Training

    Please contact me directly for further information.

    Smovey Certified Coach

    Swing, Move and Smile with the Smovey Vibroswing-System! Try this beginner-moderate workout for weight loss that includes core stabilization, hand reflexology, and deep relaxation! This light-weight piece of equipment is a spiralled tube with 4 steel balls that provides the benefits of TCM as it stimulates the reflex zones on the inside of the palm through subtle vibrations.


    Its positive energy-inducing effect can help reduces the effects of repetitive stress and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, MS, and more. Specific balance exercises refine daily movement patterns to prevent falls and injury. Popular for over a decade, the Smovey can be used seated, walking or in the pool!


    Please contact me directly at kathleen@klhfitness.com for a Smovey demonstration and/or treatment.

  • Schedule

    It’s not about making time, it’s about HAVING TIME.

    Fit HIIT

    30 minute classes

    Fit and 55+

    45 minute classes


    30 minute classes

    Personal Training

    30 or 45 minute classes

  • Program Pricing

    The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes



    • Showers available 
    • Indoor shoes ONLY No exceptions 
    • Water and juice to purchase 




    All memberships are not transferrable. A Member can cancel their membership at any time and must provide written notice via email least 10 days before the next payment date.

  • Forms

    Please complete the New Member Form and the Par-Q and Disclaimer and email them to kathleen@klhfitness or bring them with you before your first session.

  • About

    “Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take towards reaching that goal.” ​--unknown



    About Kathleen

    Many years ago I decided to risk everything and change my career entirely to follow a simple dream I’ve always had. I decided to go back to school to study everything there was to know about the one true love of mine, fitness. I earned my diploma as a Personal Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Counselor, as well as a variety of specific certifications.


    One of the certifications I hold closest to me is the Older Adult Specialist Certification. I’ve always enjoyed working with all ages and fitness levels. I was approached by many adults seeking a program that met their needs, without having to go to a "big box" gym where they felt "intimidated and overwhelmed". I believe that exercise should be available to any person and it saddened me that a program was not available in our community to satisfy this age group. This led me to design and develop my first unique fitness program called Fit and 55+. The program caters to anyone 55 years young and higher, you can read more about this under my programs section.


    From a personal perspective, the form of exercise I enjoy the most is High-Intensity Interval Training. This is what prompted me to create the FIT HIIT program, and stems from working as a head coach leading groups of more than 20 at a time through high-intensity classes. I take pride in delivering very energetic and highly motivating sessions while still understanding the demands that everyday living can have on a person. With two young cherished boys of my own, I know the time commitment and energy required to raise a family! By keeping sessions shorter in duration and introducing a variety of equipment to enhance the exercises, you can look forward to being in and out quickly.

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